Ways To Maintain Your Vehicle’s Integrity: Part 1

Ways-To-Maintain-Your-Vehicle-Integrity-Part-1When you’ve had a vehicle for a while, it’s easy to brush off the small things that bring down its value. Dirty floor mats or a small stain don’t seem like a big deal. The unfortunate part about that, is that those things add up. Procrastinating cleaning up the small things can cause irreparable damage. Here are some ways you can avoid neglecting your vehicle so that it remains in good shape over the years.


Protect Your Floors And Keep Them Clean

One of the most overlooked areas of a car is the floors. It’s amazing how easily they’re neglected when they actually make up a huge part of the impression your interior gives. Dirty carpet and mats in a vehicle can bring down the appeal of the whole thing. If the temporary mess isn’t bad enough, leaving dirt, spills, or other things to wait can cause permanent stains.

So what are some ways to avoid damaging the floors of your car? If you live in an area that’s frequently muddy, it’s worth it to invest in some high quality rubber mats that can be washed down easily when they get nasty. If your vehicle isn’t often exposed to mud or other things that quickly dirty your interior, there’s an easier fix. When planning to go somewhere you know could track things into your car, wrap your carpeted mats in a plastic trash bag so that when you’re back in the safety of your driveway or garage, you can strip them off and throw them out. Voila! Your mats are just as clean as when you left.

If you aren’t prepared for a mess beforehand, it’s worth the time to pull out your carpeted mats and wash them. Washing them down with warm water might be enough, but a little soap never hurt. If your car sees a lot of dirt, it could be time to let a professional take care of it!


Be Prompt In Cleaning Upholstery

Another common mistake is putting off cleaning your upholstery. A small spill or pet hair doesn’t seem like a huge concern when you’ve had car for a while. When the protectiveness of having just bought a car wears off, it’s easy to be complacent. How will these small things hurt the integrity of your car?

Letting a small spill on fabric upholstery go uncleaned can leave the upholstery permanently stained. Colored things especially can be a menace. Leaving the spill there gives the color time to set into the fabric, leaving it permanently discolored. Even if you get rid of the spill on the surface, how much of it is getting left behind in the cushion? Having the seat professionally cleaned will get out a lot more than water and a little scrubbing ever could.

Pet hair is another thing to take care of. Vacuuming is the least you can do to remedy pet hair. However, even with vacuuming, the smell of your pet might become a long-time fixture in your vehicle. Air freshener might cover the smell but it certainly won’t remove it. RM Auto Salon can take care of both spills and pet hair in one go! We can take care of the vacuuming and cleaning ourselves so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

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