Ways To Maintain Your Vehicle’s Integrity: Part 2

Ways To Maintain Your Vehicle's Integrity Part 2In our last post, we discussed some ways to care for your vehicle’s interior. Letting the inside of your vehicle get dirty is bad news for yourself and passengers, but the outside is what the world sees! Don’t let your car get neglected. Here are some ways to maintain the outside of your vehicle so that it lives its best life and lasts as long as you do.


Check Your Tread

An often overlooked part of car ownership is making sure your tires are still working and looking their best. Bald tires are not only unattractive on a nice looking car, they’re also incredibly dangerous.

To check your treads, get a depth gauge and insert it into the gaps in your tire tread in four different places. The lowest point is the measurement for your tire tread. If it’s 4/32” or less, you should get your tires replaced. If each of your four measurements was varied, you should consult with a shop to ensure your suspension and axles are still functioning properly as the wear on your tires is uneven.


Clean Your Windows

One often overlooked thing you can do to keep your car looking great is to clean the windows. Having a coating of dirt on your windows is going to bring down the appearance levels considerably. Windshield wipers are sure to make it noticeable too, as they leave unreached areas separate from the nice, clean part.

It sounds like a hassle, but taking some window cleaner and a cloth to your windows will only take a few minutes and it will make a world of difference for your car’s beauty.


Wash Away Dirt

If you can’t afford to have your car professionally cleaned regularly, commit to doing it yourself. Every few months, give your car a once over with the hose and sponge off the dirt that’s built up from driving around town. The more frequently you wash your car, the easier it will be to get it shining like new again. Even if you don’t clean the whole thing yourself, getting off the bulk of the dirt will leave you feeling accomplished and your car will look fantastic.

An often neglected part of washing your car is the tires and rims! Make sure to give them the attention they deserve. When you’re done, they’ll be as much a part of your car’s renewed beauty as the paint.

For those who don’t have time to clean the whole thing ourselves, there’s the option of hiring a professional. RM Auto Salon does a great job with exterior cleaning as well as interior. We can have every inch of your exterior sparkling like new in no time at all. We even offer packages to get all of your detailing done at once and for less!

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