Why Should You Get Your Engine Shampooed?

Getting your engine shampooed is something many don’t consider. Some don’t realize it’s an option, and some don’t think it’s worth paying for. The thing about engine shampooing is that it’s really beneficial for a target demographic and not for most others. Who is the target for engine shampooing?

What Does the Shampoo Do?

Before we get into what the target demographic is, let’s cover what engine shampooing actually does. Regardless of demographic, get your engine shampooed if you feel like you benefit from it.

The whole point of shampooing an engine is to remove grease and dirt from inside. This makes it easier to work on the engine and see what you’re doing. The process of having an engine shampooed starts with covering up any electrical parts. Then a shampoo is applied and left to break down the coating of grease and grime. When it’s had some time to work its magic, one of our excellent staff will wash the shampoo off. When everything is sufficiently clean, we start on the drying process.

Car Enthusiasts

If you have a lot of passion for cars, the type of car has no bearing on whether you should shampoo the engine. Most car enthusiasts find themselves under the hood once in a while. Whether they’re replacing a part of looking to fix a problem, being able to see is important. A dirty engine is incredibly hard to work on as you can’t see small parts as well. Working on and admiring your engine is easier when it’s clean!

Luxury and Exotic Owners

A demographic that almost always appreciates a clean engine is that of the luxury and exotic owners. Owning a luxury or exotic car means you’ve put, almost definitely, a lot of money into it. Whether you actually built it yourself or bought from someone else is negligible. You care about your expensive and unique car a great deal.

That makes being able to see the engine, shining like new, a big deal. It’s a source of pride for many and a source of joy for others. There’s nothing quite like opening up the hood of a car to see a sleek, clean, and functional engine inside.

Showmen and Salesmen

The most popular demographic, however, are those who sell or show cars. There is a huge overlap with this and the last demographic. A great deal of luxury and exotic owners show their cars off at car shows.

If you plan to have people approaching and admiring the beauty of your car, you can’t have the hood opened up to a nasty, grease-coated engine. You really need your engine and all of the nearby components to look like new. Engine shampooing is a necessity for this demographic!


No matter your demographic, if you’d like to discuss pricing on a complete engine shampoo, contact us! We’d love to hear from you and make a plan for how we can serve you and your vehicle.

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